The Eyes Have It

North We Go

With the immediate threat of more attacks on Elodie’s village at an end, they were willing to provide us with a guide north to where an army of orcs were rumored to be gathering. As the trek would take us over the mountains, we stocked up and procured mounts for the journey. I myself found a horse and cart.

As we entered the foothills, we a strange elf that seems to be concealing his face and may be mute. It was only through pantomime that we were able to discern that he held some familial claim to the village and that was his destination. The elven scout leading, us, however, forbade him from venturing further into their lands. He lacked some needed identification, and the village was still in a defensive stance. I offered that he could travel with us until things were sorted out, and offered that he could ride in my cart.

I did my best to converse with the stranger and make him feel welcome, but it was hard to make any progress given his stoic silence. Without even a name, we have taken to calling him “spike” due to the way his hair seems to just out in spikes atop his head. I am not one to be passing judgement on elven appearance, but his seems odd in the extreme, with white hair and exceedingly pale skin. I do not sense that he means us any harm, however, and since we no longer possess the Hand he has nothing to gain if that were his mission.
We have left the forest, and the elven scout has turned back. The path before us no longer requires his skills. Shortly after his departure we came across a creek with a shallow crossing. It was guarded, however, by a hydra. Our group, including the strange elf, made short work of the beast, and Elodie has fallen upon it for the valuable hide. I owe my yeti-fur cloak to her tanning skills, and am curious to see what she does with this new skin. Spike fought well, but I think we all noticed that his tactics and choice of weaponry seemed rather…furtive. I still do not sense any ill intent from him, but I can’t help but be wary when we know so little about him.



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