The Eyes Have It

An Appointment with Kin
A Journal of Arkisbaine

We followed the road north east towards the next human town. We did our best to warn people along the way of the Orc army that was marching towards these lands. Our goal was to pick up a road north once we reached the town. We reached it as night fell, and used the opportunity to rest our horses in stables and ready for the next leg of our trip.

While we supped at the local inn, a rider from the local watch entered the hall. She came to warn travelers that the road north had been barricaded by orcs and ogres. Her hope was to rest after the narrow escape her patrol had encountered upon finding them, but our news of the advancing army and flood of refugees to come took precedence. We thanked her for the news and watched her depart to forward on our bad tidings to superiors.
This morning we left the town, heading northwest towards the swamp. Much to everyone’s surprise, a kobold met us as I was readying my horse and cart. Of even more surprise, she bore a letter with my father’s seal upon it. This kobold seems to be another of his offspring, one that I’d not heard of before. Per the letter, my father asked that I take this sibling on as a squire that she and I might both prosper from the experience. I had her throw her things up into the cart and join me.

An Unwanted Stopover.
A Journal of Arkisbaine

In all my years I have never seen anything so unaware and unconcerned with their own peril as these humans. We raced into town to warn them of the scale of the Orcish army bearing down on them, and their spokesman bade us rest and wait until the morning to present our concerns before a council. Unheedful of our warnings, we are forced to do so.
Bells and screams alerted us to an attack on the town during the night, just as we were settling in. We grabbed up our weapons and ran outside to see flames rising on the opposite bank of the river that ran along the town’s edge. Outlying homes were being torched by worg riders in advance of their army. We forged the river and fell upon the riders, who obviously hadn’t expected any counter-attack. Quite quickly they were dispatched, and cut down before they even could flee. We caught another group intent on looting and unaware of us until were upon them. The remaining raiders, suddenly finding themselves few in number, made their escape.
With the morning we met the town’s council and gave them our accounts of what we witnessed – legions of orcs, well over 10,000 in number, massing to sweep through the towns and villages of the region. We presented the map we had captured that laid out their plans to slaughter and pillage everything in their wake. Even with this news, the council remained split on how to act, with some arguing on how best to stay and protect their properties. It fell to us to convince them that the lives of their townsfolk would be forfeit if they stayed, and their time should be better spent determining how to best evacuate and to where.

We resisted their pleas for assistance in either fighting the army directly or helping with the evacuation. In hindsight, perhaps it was unwise that we shared our own plans to find and confront the wormlords. That our ultimate goal was to wrest the Eye of Vecna from their leader in the hopes of undermining the cohesion of this army. It seemed necessary at the time to sooth their desire for our assistance and make them understand the importance of our quest, but I loathe the idea that one of them may be captured and alert our enemy.

News of our quest did have the good effect of earning their aid. They poured over the maps with us and gave us their best thoughts on where we might look and what best routes were available to us. With our role in the council meeting completed, we made our exit and readied ourselves to journey north towards swampland controlled by lizardfolk. A peculiar name of draconic origin had been written onto the orc map in that area, and we were agreed that it might be of good significance.

We had no more than reached the edge of the town on our way out when we spotted a chimera readying to dive on a group of townsfolk nearby. We raced to their aid, but not before it had pounced upon one of the lot and killed him. Its death was quick once we reached it, and the beast did not succeed further. Elodie made a prize of its pelt before we resumed our journey.

Falling Arches
A journal of Arkisbaine

With a map laying out the plans for invasion by an orc army in our hands, we planned our course of action. We sent our guide back to his town to warn the people of the invasion to come and give details as to their approach. For ourselves, we identified a bridge crossing over a gorge where we might be able to slow their advance. We could not know when or if the orcs were on the move, but if we could reach the bridge first, perhaps we could collapse it and force them to take a long detour. We also had a good idea of where they would detour to – a narrow pass at one end of the river gorge would allow them to trickle through a couple at a time. Elodie suggested that perhaps we could make a stand at that point and hold them until the humans could muster a force to repel them.

We reached the village after another day’s travel, with no interruption save the discovery of giant’s tracks across the path. The bridge was much more robust than the rope structure we wished for. A stone bridge arced over the gorge, with a pair of towers on either side to anchor its base. From the wood line where we viewed the affair, we could see a single archer atop each tower, a pair of hell hounds pacing on the bridge itself, and a small encampment on the far side. While the orcs in the camp did not appear to pose much of a challenge, they were accompanied by a green dragon of goodly size, but not yet perhaps an adult. I could only imagine it to be Ozyranddian, as the only green known to live in this region.

We sank back into the woods and discussed our plans for dealing with the bridge. With no idea what else could be in the encampment, let alone the fact that the dragon was there, it looked to be a tough battle no matter what. It was then that Elodie had sudden inspiration, and after rooting around in her bags for a moment held up a scroll triumphantly. She passed it over to Ohlakani who would be best suited to use it, and suddenly our task seemed that much easier.

Ohlakani read the scroll while pointing at our end of the bridge, and suddenly a band running across its width turned into so much flesh. No longer having the structural support it needed, the weight of the remaining bridge tore the flesh apart with a horrible noise, and collapsed into the gorge below. An archer on a tower screamed, and Ozyranddian lifted his head to look at our group along the woods. I immediately sought Bahamut’s aid and a blanket of mist rolled out of the woods to hide us. By the time the dragon had lifted into the air and crossed the gorge, we were hidden from view.

We realized that we needed to do more than simply tear down the bridge. if a single orc escaped to warn the army, they could change course without experiencing hardly any delay. It would be better to have them reach the fallen bridge and only then realize their need to detour. More important to me, however, was that i saw an opportunity to tackle Ozyranddian while he was on this side of the gorge with no one to aid him. Spike was with me to fight the dragon, while Elodie and Ohlakani began to work on the remaining troops.

Ohlakani cast a spell that caused the ground in and around the encampment to erupt with small spikes rocks sticking up everywhere. The orcs that had begun starting to arm themselves with bows began hopping about in agony. Elodie began picking off the tower guards with her bow. The dragon had landed just outside the deep mist and was beating its wings to blow it away. I again sought Bahamut’s aid in guiding my blow upon the dragon. My blade sunk deeply into the drake’s hide. Just then, Spike darted from the mist and attacked it from behind.

The dragon showed its true nature, by leaping into the air in order to flee. It blasted Spike and I with a plume of its foul green breath and dived towards the gorge. Seeing the briefest opportunity, I ran to the cliff edge through the caustic gas and leapt out into the air 100’ over the bottom of the gorge. I came crashing down on the dragon’s back and dug my claws into its hide. Then I blasted it in return with my own icy breath as he howled and cursed.

Ozyranddian immediately started trying to roll and it was all I could do to hold on. I dug my claws in deeper and tried to bury my teeth into his spine. His own thick scales prevented me getting great purchase with my teeth, but it was painful enough that he decided to head for the clouds while he figured out how to work me off his back. Ohlakanii, still flying above us, unleashed a lightning bolt that arced through the beast and drove on into the camp orcs. Ozyranddian was screaming with pain, fear, frustration, and rage as I held onto his back.. I bellowed to the party to shoot him, fearing it would soon be out of range and might drop me off amongst an orc army somewhere. Arrows whizzed by from Elodie as she tried to land a telling shot. I could tell that the dragon was growing weak beneath me, from the wounds we had inflicted upon him. it was Ohlakani who struck it down with another blast of lightning.

The dragon stopped flapping its wings and dropped like a rock. I let go, thankful for the extra height it had gained as I tugged loose my rope and grappling hook that was wrapped around my backpack. The thin silken line snaked out and the hook gained purchase on the top of the tower as I plummeted past it. I gathered up my strength for the catch, but was unequal to the shock that hit me as the rope went taught and I swung into the cliff wall below. I lost my grip on the rope as the wind was slammed from my body. i flailed about and found the rope again. Smoke poured through my fingers as I clenched the rope with every ounce of strength I possessed, and it was the final knot at its end that saved me.

Weary, achingly, I pulled myself back up the rope to safety. My attention had been solely upon the dragon and the climb afterwords. Somewhere inbetween the party had cleaned up the orcs on the other side, such that there was no one to warn their army.
We headed then towards the far end of the gorge where the next nearest pass remained. We found a legion of orcs encamped on the other side, and more marching in – such that there numbers were well over 10,000. Seeing that they had another dragon in their midst, and hard telling what other resources, I did not feel confident that we could hold them for any length of time at this pass. It was a narrow path along sheer cliff, however, and so it did not take much for Spike to call upon some spiritual force of his own to shatter the rock and collapse a section. We could only hope that rebuilding the trail would sufficiently hamper their movement to buy us more time.
We headed back through the forest towards the human settlement, feeling that we should warn them of just how massive in size this army was. Along the way, we were reminded of the giant tracks we had discovered, and it struck us that perhaps a giant might be of some aid if it were willing to ally with us. We discovered an old giant who deemed himself to be the lord of these woods. We greeted him in friendship and peace, and soon found ourselves sharing tales around his fire and feasting on boar. We gifted him a magical gauntlet that we had found within the castle, and before the night was through he had pledged to summon his family spread out across the forest to defend it from the encroaching orc army. The next day, we left him to continue back to the humans once more.

Good Luck Storming the Castle!
A journal of Arkisbaine

Our passage through the mountains was uneventful, but we were ambushed by orcs as we entered into the woods that are supposed to lead us to a human settlement. They were followers of Gruumsh and avid followers of their leader. While most were slain, we managed to capture one. We did our best to question him, but his allegiance was firm and we learned little more than that “our doom was coming.”
Upon reaching the village, it wasn’t long before a spokesman met with us to learn of our intent and hear our news about the orcs. They seemed rather incredulous that the orcs could be of any concern, but my tale of our recent ambush was compelling. We were recommended a guide who could lead us to an old castle keep in the forest. It seemed a likely gathering place for an army if they were in the area.
The keep was in poor repair, having been defeated by an army of giants at some point in the past,. We surveyed collapsed sections of curtain wall and tower, and the boulders used to smash them, as we planned our assault of the place. Our cunning strategies were of little use, however, as there wasn’t so much as a scout to meet us as we charged through the gaps in the walls. We were left going building-to-building to find any fight at all.

Eventually, we fell upon some orcs and a minotaur preparing a breakfast in the keep’s kitchen. I caught them in the small room with my icy breath, and Ohlakani followed it with a stroke of magical lightning. I sensed an evil presence behind a heavy door beyond the kitchen, leading to the keep’s tower. We regrouped around the door before I kicked it in, but our attempt at a rush had been expected. Electricity crackled through the door, and leapt through our group. In truth I think our pride at being so easily predicted was the greater wound, and we watched as several goblins scampered up the tower stairs in retreat.

Spike was the first after them, and though he delivered a solid punch to one of them, it vanished in a puff of smoke rather than crying out in any pain. This wizardly goblin was proving to be troublesome! I followed up behind and buried my sword into another of the duplicates. I was rewarded with a meaty crunch and groan of great pain that told me I had found the true caster through Bahamut’s good guidance.

We had reached the top of the tower – or rather what was left of it, with everything above the current floor having been demolished. The goblin lifted a flask to its lips and downed its contents. Elodie had used the time to retreat out of the kitchen and climb to its roof. From her vantage she could just see the goblin as it raised the flask, and loosed a carefully aimed arrow. To our frustration, it passed cleanly through its head without slowing, and another clone vanished in a puff.

The remaining goblin let out a scream of alarm and stepped out into empty air beyond the shattered wall. I hurriedly gathered my bow and launched an arrow after him, but my aim was not equal to the task. Spike raced back down the stairs, hoping to cut him off. I readied another arrow, as I saw a streak of lightning swat the goblin and spin him around. Looking back over the tower’s crumbled wall, I could see that Ohlakani had flown up above the keep and was racing to cut off the goblin’s escape. Now, too, however, I could see that the goblin’s call for help had been answered. Worg riders and a fiendish Bhargest had burst forth from the stables into the courtyard – where they found Spike exiting the kitchen. For those above roof level, however, a greater concern was a manticore that had burst up through the collapsed roof of another dilapidated building.

The goblin had steadied himself and identified the source of the lightning bolt while I had been distracted by the arrival of the new foes. He returned fire with a lightning bolt of his own at Ohlakani, and I could only watch as she spiraled down onto the roof of the kitchen building near Elodie. Now I drew back the string of my bow with all my might and loosed the arrow at the goblin. It struck him hard and threw him backwards, and then he fell and crunched into the ground with a solid impact. Satisfied with his fate, I grabbed back up my sword and raced downstairs.

I exited the kitchen and launched myself upon the Bhargest in the courtyard, calling upon all the might that Bahamut could deliver to my swing. The bhargest was felled by the blow, and I could see that the party was mopping up the remaining enemy. Elodie had tended to Ohlakani, and as I looked up to their place on the roof, she released a spread of arrows in rapid succession that drove deep into the manticore. It was foaming at the mouth like a rabid beast, and it scrabbled over the roof tiles to reach Ohlakani. It managed one last swipe at her before it succumbed to its wounds and collapsed. As Spike pummeled a worg rider to death, I ran my great sword through the beast beneath it, and finally the castle was ours.

Quite literally, as it turns out, for among the treasures we found later on while searching the grounds, was a deed to the keep. I’m not quite certain that anyone remains to which it might be presented, since the empire it belonged to is long gone, but is an amusing find nonetheless. A more chilling find, however, was a detailed map with the orc army’s plans. It appears as though this was a forward unit of the army that was preparing or helping plan the invasion.

North We Go

With the immediate threat of more attacks on Elodie’s village at an end, they were willing to provide us with a guide north to where an army of orcs were rumored to be gathering. As the trek would take us over the mountains, we stocked up and procured mounts for the journey. I myself found a horse and cart.

As we entered the foothills, we a strange elf that seems to be concealing his face and may be mute. It was only through pantomime that we were able to discern that he held some familial claim to the village and that was his destination. The elven scout leading, us, however, forbade him from venturing further into their lands. He lacked some needed identification, and the village was still in a defensive stance. I offered that he could travel with us until things were sorted out, and offered that he could ride in my cart.

I did my best to converse with the stranger and make him feel welcome, but it was hard to make any progress given his stoic silence. Without even a name, we have taken to calling him “spike” due to the way his hair seems to just out in spikes atop his head. I am not one to be passing judgement on elven appearance, but his seems odd in the extreme, with white hair and exceedingly pale skin. I do not sense that he means us any harm, however, and since we no longer possess the Hand he has nothing to gain if that were his mission.
We have left the forest, and the elven scout has turned back. The path before us no longer requires his skills. Shortly after his departure we came across a creek with a shallow crossing. It was guarded, however, by a hydra. Our group, including the strange elf, made short work of the beast, and Elodie has fallen upon it for the valuable hide. I owe my yeti-fur cloak to her tanning skills, and am curious to see what she does with this new skin. Spike fought well, but I think we all noticed that his tactics and choice of weaponry seemed rather…furtive. I still do not sense any ill intent from him, but I can’t help but be wary when we know so little about him.

Catching up

A log of Arkisbaine’s travels.

With some searching and experimentation, we discovered that the large ring of standing stones were portals to pocket planes – each containing an identical ring. In no particular order, we found swampland, snow-covered mountains, heavy forest, plains, and one teeming with mindless undead.

Various creatures inhabited these small worlds. The forest, for example, seemed filled with dire animals. It was the first gate we had discovered, and Toulan attempted to sneak through the gate and peek at what was on the other side. He found himself looking upon a dire bear, which quickly sniffed him out. When he didn’t return as quickly as expected, we stepped through the gate ourselves and found him being wrapped up in a bear hug. We managed to rescue him, but I myself was brought low by the massive bear. I woke up in Elodie’s village and was told that several days had passed – I had died and been restored by the village priest.

Another encounter was with a great dinosaur that was hunting near the rings when we passed through. By this time, we already knew that one of the gates led to some abyssal grey rock without air or gravity. We tricked the creature through the gate to save ourselves.

Our main purpose, however, was to find the orc raiders that were troubling Elodie’s village. We soon discovered that they were at war with a foul cult of Vecna. The orcs sought to find the Eye of Vecna, a cursed relic of that lich, with which to grant more power to their god, Grumsh One-Eye. I have little qualm with letting these two evil cults fight to the death, but if there is any risk that Grumsh could truly find the eye, we must intervene. It would be more beneficial still, if we should be able to destroy the eye to arrest the power of this Vecna cult.

In our searching of the gates, we discovered that the Vecna cultists were using some of the pocket planes for living and worship. The orcs were aware of this, too, and sending raiding parties through the gates in search of the eye. On more than one occasion, we witnessed the orcs attacking cult outposts. We avoided the orcs for the most part once we knew their purpose, and since they seemed sure that the eye was with the cultists, focused on getting into the cultist places ourselves.

After a few small fights with cultists and their undead cohorts, we pressed our way into their main temple. We finally found a an entrance that showed no sign of use or obvious means of entry. Our halfing focused his being and delivered a series of powerful punches to demolish the door. We found ourselves confronted by an evil priestess and her golem servant. When our parlay came to naught, she set a mechanical trap in motion which locked us in a portion of the chamber and looked to slowly crush us. Ohlakanii, our ingenious bird, used a magic device to teleport us out of the trap and surrounding the priestess. The priestess, a mummy in fact, quickly perished in armed melee, and the golem was rendered inert.

Having learned the mechanical nature of the trapped chamber’s lifting floors, we uncovered a secret room wherein we found not the Eye, but the Hand of Vecna – an equally vile relic of the lich. We knew it to be evil by sight alone, and were loath to touch it. We wrapped it up and hid it away in a backpack, letting the stalwart Toulan carry it. He seemed to me to be of a temperment that wouldn’t be lured by its promise of power.

We decided that we could not bring the relic back to civilized lands, for fear that news of the relic might lead to attempts to steal it from us. Instead, we retreated to the den of a white dragon we had slain in the pocket plane with the wintry mountains. There, I crafted a shrine to my master of the north wind, beseeching him for guidance or aid in the destruction of the Hand. I was rewarded by a vision in which I was promised a guardian would appear to protect the hand while we sought out the eye. Once both were found, we were charged with destroying both relics.

It was said that the guardian would find us in due course, but our concern that agents of Vecna or other power-seekers might seek out the hand, made us feel that our isolated location was the best place to wait. We hid the hand away in the frozen cave and settled in. Days passed, however, and others of the group did not seem to share my patience. No one thought anything amiss when Toulan told us that he was going out of the cave, but when he did not return in due time, we grew concerned.

We decided to seek him out, but when we went to retrieve the hand that we might keep it safe with us, we found it missing. Our concerns raised, we followed Toulan’s tracks through the snow to a point where we found a great amount of blood. Our fear that Toulan was attacked were mixed with confusion that his tracks led back through the gate and in the direction of the nearest human town. In haste, we hurried after the halfling and caught him up within a few hours.

The poor halfling had obviously succumbed to the lure of the Hand. Despite his attempt to hide his wound beneath gloves, the bloody sleeve of his left arm left little doubt that he had cut off his left hand and replaced it with the relic. He could provide no excuse for his actions, and could only admit that he had taken the hand and fled. I could sense no evil in him, but we could not risk leaving the cursed item grafted to his wrist. Ohlakani bound him up with a spell, and I attempted to cleave the hand with my great sword. Two mighty swings could not manage the task, however, and Toulan broke free of the spell. He sought to run, and knowing his skill at hiding, and fearing what powers the hand might provide him, we couldn’t risk giving him any time. Alas, the three of us were forced to kill our friend.

Our experience with the Dire Bear, however, gave us hope for his return. We removed the hand from his wrist, and I took it under my protection. I blame myself for not taking the responsibility from the start. We returned to Port Kenboch and the Temple of Bahamut being built. There, we were able to secure the Hand in a vault that had been constructed for valuables, and the priestess was able to restore life to Toulan. I was sad to see that Toulan had been twisted to a dark path through his merger with the Hand, and we did our best to keep him restrained while we sought ways to cure his soul of the evil that now inhabited it.

On the evening of his awakening, Toulan sought to escape the temple. He broke free of his bonds, and in response to the commotion he caused, I roused the others and ran to his locked room. We found that he had smashed his way to freedom with a hole in the wall of his room. We gave chase into the streets of the city, where he used his magic to climb onto the roofs for his escape. We did not want to risk killing him again, and so were forced to let him flee.

Fearing that the Hand was not safe with Toulan loose in the city, we gathered it up and headed back towards the secluded ice cave. On our way, we were accosted by that which we feared – a band of Vecna cultists hunting down the hand. We quickly dispatched them, however, and made our escape. Not long after our return, although two weeks had passed since my vision, a great golden dragon arrived and vowed the safe guarding of the Hand. With that, we surrendered it up and left in search of the eye.

We returned to Elodie’s village and told them all that had transpired save for the Hand. It seemed likely that the threat to their village was at an end now that the Vecna cult no longer lured the orcs within proximity of it. In return, we learned that the orc raiders were coming from the north, over the mountains. We bought mounts and were granted a guide from the village to take us north towards the orcs.

Undersea Shrine
Up from the depths...

The party was washed out to sea aboard a derelict ship during a raging hurricane. Arkisbaine was not aboard at the time, and so was separated from the party. The ship was pulled far out to sea by the storm and currents before becoming stranded in a sargasso. The party pooled their resources to survive the week at sea, but with no experience aboard ship before, they were largely at the mercy of wind and wave.

Near the end of the week, their plight only deepened when they found themselves drifting over a great underwater city. Their ship was sunk by a mysterious being who emerged from a temple to some unknown god. To their amazement, they discovered they could breath the water in the vicinity of the city, and so begun exploring for some means of escape.

The party quickly discovered a small village of locathah hidden in a kelp forest on the outskirts of the city. The village elder/priestess explained that the city had been cursed and the kuo-toa which had once enslaved them had now become undead – ruled by a feared high priest to the ancient god Gogan.

The party ventured into the city, heading towards its center where the temple of the high priest was located. Along the way, they found refuge in abandoned homes and fought off patrols of undead kuo-toa, a colony of sahugan, sharks, and even a pirate that had been trapped in the city for untold years and driven mad.

When they finally entered the temple and discovered the high priest, they gathered their courage and attempted to ambush him. Much to their dismay, however, they discovered that the high-priest was in fact an alhoon – a mindflayer lich. The creature quickly rendered the party unconscious, yet Andy managed to break free of the spell and escape invisibly.

He found himself being led through telepathic direction, deep into the catacombs beneath the temple. There, he found himself before a cave pool of fresh, clean water lit from below by some luminescent source. The telepathic voice explained that it was, in fact, the god Gogan for whom the temple was dedicated, and that the alhoon was an imposter that had wrested control of the temple from his true believers. He directed Andy to a magic axe that could destroy the Alhoon’s phylactery, and where it could be found. He promised that he and his friends would be provided escape from the city if he did this.

Andy followed Gogan’s direction and managed to destroy the alhoon’s phylactery before the lich could intervene. The alhoon seemingly disintegrated as the final blow was landed, and the ocean began to collapse the temple. Andy quickly rounded up his friends and followed directions relayed to him by Gogan that led them to a longship hidden away in a secret chamber of the temple. They sealed themselves inside a massive sarcophagus that bore an artistic resemblance to an aboleth. Thankfully, the sarcophagus turned out to be watertight, and rushed to the surface once the ocean had closed in on them. They found themselves within sight of land, and were soon rescued by a patrol ship in the area.

The Story So Far
When last we left our protagonists

Our protagonists first met during a goblin ambush of Sten Goodseller’s travelling wagon. After defeating the goblins (and a horse), the team wandered into the town of Hampsfeld Crossroad.

At the request of the mayor, our protagonists went after a goblinoid horde – which they discovered was being ruled over by the tiny black dragon, Noak.

Leaving the goblinoids under the leadership of Urrtharr, the orcish sage, our protagonists went down to Port Kenbach, to hock their loot. While there, they ran into some slave-running pirates who were bad people.

They killed all the bad people, and one of their passengers – a cleric of Tiamat. But they didn’t kill the cleric before the cleric killed Bubbles, the rogue.

Elodie Moonbow left to escort Finuina back to her vineyard, and then went back to visit her home village, where she engaged in a ritual vision quest and became a cleric of Corellon Latherian.

Meanwhile, Arkisbane and Toulon met with Andrew Griffin and Ohlakani. This party left to investigate an unnatural storm, which was brought on by a sea witch. After defeating the sea witch, they discovered a boat captained by a lich.

Elodie returned at this point, and the boat was washed out into the sea, sans Arkisbane. After a week upon the ocean, the boat sank, and the party explored an underwater city. After nearly being defeated, they managed to escape the underwater city with the aid of a mysterious entity.

Elodie then recruited the party to aid her elven village, to try to discover the source of the death that was slowly spreading through their forest. The party discovered a Vecna cult, operating out of Tovag Baragu – a circle of standing stones that served as a portal to a multidimensional complex. They are now here, and have discovered the Citadel Cavitus – the home temple of the Vecna Cult.

But they are not alone here – they have seen evidence of a Gruumshite war party also exploring the complex….

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