The Eyes Have It

An Unwanted Stopover.

A Journal of Arkisbaine

In all my years I have never seen anything so unaware and unconcerned with their own peril as these humans. We raced into town to warn them of the scale of the Orcish army bearing down on them, and their spokesman bade us rest and wait until the morning to present our concerns before a council. Unheedful of our warnings, we are forced to do so.
Bells and screams alerted us to an attack on the town during the night, just as we were settling in. We grabbed up our weapons and ran outside to see flames rising on the opposite bank of the river that ran along the town’s edge. Outlying homes were being torched by worg riders in advance of their army. We forged the river and fell upon the riders, who obviously hadn’t expected any counter-attack. Quite quickly they were dispatched, and cut down before they even could flee. We caught another group intent on looting and unaware of us until were upon them. The remaining raiders, suddenly finding themselves few in number, made their escape.
With the morning we met the town’s council and gave them our accounts of what we witnessed – legions of orcs, well over 10,000 in number, massing to sweep through the towns and villages of the region. We presented the map we had captured that laid out their plans to slaughter and pillage everything in their wake. Even with this news, the council remained split on how to act, with some arguing on how best to stay and protect their properties. It fell to us to convince them that the lives of their townsfolk would be forfeit if they stayed, and their time should be better spent determining how to best evacuate and to where.

We resisted their pleas for assistance in either fighting the army directly or helping with the evacuation. In hindsight, perhaps it was unwise that we shared our own plans to find and confront the wormlords. That our ultimate goal was to wrest the Eye of Vecna from their leader in the hopes of undermining the cohesion of this army. It seemed necessary at the time to sooth their desire for our assistance and make them understand the importance of our quest, but I loathe the idea that one of them may be captured and alert our enemy.

News of our quest did have the good effect of earning their aid. They poured over the maps with us and gave us their best thoughts on where we might look and what best routes were available to us. With our role in the council meeting completed, we made our exit and readied ourselves to journey north towards swampland controlled by lizardfolk. A peculiar name of draconic origin had been written onto the orc map in that area, and we were agreed that it might be of good significance.

We had no more than reached the edge of the town on our way out when we spotted a chimera readying to dive on a group of townsfolk nearby. We raced to their aid, but not before it had pounced upon one of the lot and killed him. Its death was quick once we reached it, and the beast did not succeed further. Elodie made a prize of its pelt before we resumed our journey.



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