The Eyes Have It

An Appointment with Kin

A Journal of Arkisbaine

We followed the road north east towards the next human town. We did our best to warn people along the way of the Orc army that was marching towards these lands. Our goal was to pick up a road north once we reached the town. We reached it as night fell, and used the opportunity to rest our horses in stables and ready for the next leg of our trip.

While we supped at the local inn, a rider from the local watch entered the hall. She came to warn travelers that the road north had been barricaded by orcs and ogres. Her hope was to rest after the narrow escape her patrol had encountered upon finding them, but our news of the advancing army and flood of refugees to come took precedence. We thanked her for the news and watched her depart to forward on our bad tidings to superiors.
This morning we left the town, heading northwest towards the swamp. Much to everyone’s surprise, a kobold met us as I was readying my horse and cart. Of even more surprise, she bore a letter with my father’s seal upon it. This kobold seems to be another of his offspring, one that I’d not heard of before. Per the letter, my father asked that I take this sibling on as a squire that she and I might both prosper from the experience. I had her throw her things up into the cart and join me.



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