Half Dragon Servant of Bahamut


Arkisbaine is the offspring of a lizardfolk priestess (Maasilla) and a silver dragon named Voorkisbajne. His elderly mother recently died, and he has since struck out to follow whatever path Bahamut sets him upon.

Arkisbaine was raised among lizardfolk in a village surrounded by swamp. His mother was regarded as a shaman by the lizardfolk of the village. Their home was on the outskirts of the village, where she was called upon when aid was needed, but otherwise avoided. This was largely due to the village’s perception of her as an outsider, and a lack of interest in her deity. Maasilla had been an adventurer and pilot of a Spelljamming ship that was forced to crash land in the swamps. As the sole survivor she sought refuge among her more backwards, savage, cousins. She related this tale to Arkisbaine in his youth, but he was too young to grasp the concept of spelljamming, and never delved into it further. It was Maasilla’s intelligence, civility, and shared faith in Bahamut that brought her the affections of Arkisbaine’s father, Voorkisbajne.

As is typical among dragons, Voorkisbajne was rarely present during his son’s rearing, but he did return on occasion, and stay up to a year at a time. His father’s den is located high in the mountains that stretch along the swamp’s northern edge. A dragon marks time differently, as does Arkisbaine himself, and so his visits and departures didn’t cause much interruption. Arkisbaine was raised in the family religion, beholden to Bahamut, which along with his draconic appearance, made life among the insular lizarfolk tribe difficult. When he grew older and more independent, his father would bring him to live in his mountain home for lengthy periods of time. It was there that he gained his instruction and knowledge in the outside world and the ways of the paladin.

Arkisbaine is still young by half dragon standards, but he had still surpassed sixty years of age when he returned to his mother’s side to care for her in her venerable years. It was shortly after her death that he finally ventured out on his own to take up arms in the name of Bahamut as a paladin.

Arkisbaine has a strong draconic appearance, as his lizardfolk lineage only enhances his dragon qualities. Growing up in his village, his scales were a blue-grey color that set him apart from the native lizardfolk. As he has matured into adulthood, the scales have become increasingly silver, with the blue-grey remaining at the base of the scales. Other features that set him apart from lizardfolk include: He has a tall frill running from the top of his head down his back. A pair of horns sweep back from his temple, fading from silver at the base to black at the points. He also has frills at the back of his jawline that frame his face, and a wonderful frill on his chin that resembles a sagely beard. His mouth is lined with pointy black teeth, and his hands and feet end in sharp claws that run from silver to black, similar to his horns.

Given that he stands nearly eight feel tall, Arkisbaine makes an effort to stoop over to avoid seeming quite so imposing. Despite the effort, he’s still a head taller than the average human, so it’s not clear how much it really helps. Regardless, he would have to bend down to fit through most doorways and the buildings of other races. Arkisbaine is a strong follower of Bahamut, such that a corona of holy light appears to shine down upon him and bathe the surrounding area. Thus, despite his rather fearsome size and presence, he is generally quite warmly received and trusted by most people.

He eschews any armor, relying on his thick coat of scales for protection. Instead, he has taken to wearing some cloth apparel fashionable to the humans and elves he has been living among for the past year. This typically takes the form of a toga that drapes over both shoulders. When attending functions or ceremonies, he will typically don a wine-dark cape, mantled in yeti fur, and with his holy symbol largely embroidered across it. While he does keep a few assorted weapons, he is rarely found without his trusted great sword.


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