The Eyes Have It

Undersea Shrine

Up from the depths...

The party was washed out to sea aboard a derelict ship during a raging hurricane. Arkisbaine was not aboard at the time, and so was separated from the party. The ship was pulled far out to sea by the storm and currents before becoming stranded in a sargasso. The party pooled their resources to survive the week at sea, but with no experience aboard ship before, they were largely at the mercy of wind and wave.

Near the end of the week, their plight only deepened when they found themselves drifting over a great underwater city. Their ship was sunk by a mysterious being who emerged from a temple to some unknown god. To their amazement, they discovered they could breath the water in the vicinity of the city, and so begun exploring for some means of escape.

The party quickly discovered a small village of locathah hidden in a kelp forest on the outskirts of the city. The village elder/priestess explained that the city had been cursed and the kuo-toa which had once enslaved them had now become undead – ruled by a feared high priest to the ancient god Gogan.

The party ventured into the city, heading towards its center where the temple of the high priest was located. Along the way, they found refuge in abandoned homes and fought off patrols of undead kuo-toa, a colony of sahugan, sharks, and even a pirate that had been trapped in the city for untold years and driven mad.

When they finally entered the temple and discovered the high priest, they gathered their courage and attempted to ambush him. Much to their dismay, however, they discovered that the high-priest was in fact an alhoon – a mindflayer lich. The creature quickly rendered the party unconscious, yet Andy managed to break free of the spell and escape invisibly.

He found himself being led through telepathic direction, deep into the catacombs beneath the temple. There, he found himself before a cave pool of fresh, clean water lit from below by some luminescent source. The telepathic voice explained that it was, in fact, the god Gogan for whom the temple was dedicated, and that the alhoon was an imposter that had wrested control of the temple from his true believers. He directed Andy to a magic axe that could destroy the Alhoon’s phylactery, and where it could be found. He promised that he and his friends would be provided escape from the city if he did this.

Andy followed Gogan’s direction and managed to destroy the alhoon’s phylactery before the lich could intervene. The alhoon seemingly disintegrated as the final blow was landed, and the ocean began to collapse the temple. Andy quickly rounded up his friends and followed directions relayed to him by Gogan that led them to a longship hidden away in a secret chamber of the temple. They sealed themselves inside a massive sarcophagus that bore an artistic resemblance to an aboleth. Thankfully, the sarcophagus turned out to be watertight, and rushed to the surface once the ocean had closed in on them. They found themselves within sight of land, and were soon rescued by a patrol ship in the area.



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