The Eyes Have It

The Story So Far

When last we left our protagonists

Our protagonists first met during a goblin ambush of Sten Goodseller’s travelling wagon. After defeating the goblins (and a horse), the team wandered into the town of Hampsfeld Crossroad.

At the request of the mayor, our protagonists went after a goblinoid horde – which they discovered was being ruled over by the tiny black dragon, Noak.

Leaving the goblinoids under the leadership of Urrtharr, the orcish sage, our protagonists went down to Port Kenbach, to hock their loot. While there, they ran into some slave-running pirates who were bad people.

They killed all the bad people, and one of their passengers – a cleric of Tiamat. But they didn’t kill the cleric before the cleric killed Bubbles, the rogue.

Elodie Moonbow left to escort Finuina back to her vineyard, and then went back to visit her home village, where she engaged in a ritual vision quest and became a cleric of Corellon Latherian.

Meanwhile, Arkisbane and Toulon met with Andrew Griffin and Ohlakani. This party left to investigate an unnatural storm, which was brought on by a sea witch. After defeating the sea witch, they discovered a boat captained by a lich.

Elodie returned at this point, and the boat was washed out into the sea, sans Arkisbane. After a week upon the ocean, the boat sank, and the party explored an underwater city. After nearly being defeated, they managed to escape the underwater city with the aid of a mysterious entity.

Elodie then recruited the party to aid her elven village, to try to discover the source of the death that was slowly spreading through their forest. The party discovered a Vecna cult, operating out of Tovag Baragu – a circle of standing stones that served as a portal to a multidimensional complex. They are now here, and have discovered the Citadel Cavitus – the home temple of the Vecna Cult.

But they are not alone here – they have seen evidence of a Gruumshite war party also exploring the complex….



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